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Leadership Impact Series:  Giving and Receiving Feedback

Leadership Impact Series:  Giving and Receiving Feedback
Giving and Receiving Feedback gives participants an opportunity to identify common reasons that may prevent them from being open to feedback, to fully leverage a model for giving feedback to others and to glean valid points from any feedback they may receive.  


Trainer is Brandi Nicole Johnson!  Event is at Raleigh Jaycees office.

Impact Leadership Seminar Series: Social Media for the Raleigh Jaycees

November 9th 7pm

“Understand what to do and why”

In early 2012, Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha collaborated to create a 13 module Social Media Manager Training Program, to help others prepare for the vast opportunities in managing social media for organizations and professionals.

The purpose of this session will be to review Social Media content used by the Raleigh Jaycees for recruitment and our projects. We will be training people on what good content is based on what
gets the results we want. We will review examples of good content, understand the value of video and capturing it in ways with the best audio we can get, and make sure we are mapping out the customer and member journey with clear personas.

Speaker: Martin Brossman, director of Martin Brossman & Associates, is a leader in networking and small business training in North Carolina. He is a powerful trainer of small and micro-business owners and is masterful at helping people find their greatest strengths and develop businesses around them. As part of his coaching and training work, Martin Brossman creates collaborations that strengthen his offerings and help train and give exposure to others.

Few travel the beautiful state of North Carolina as trainers in social media as Martin Brossman does. He teaches social media in the Outer Banks and the Western Mountains and everywhere in between. If you’re looking for a dynamic, trainer for your school, association, chamber or business, you’ve found the right place. Contact us today for all your social media training needs.

Through Martin Brossman & Associates, Martin Brossman offers training, workshops and consulting.