The Raleigh Jaycees Turkey Shoot

  The longest running attraction on the Midway!
Since 1952, the Raleigh Jaycees have been running the "Turkey Shoot" at the North Carolina State Fair.

PS. We don't shoot Turkeys, just targets.

What it is

This might be best explained from the "safety speech" given before each round...

Welcome to the Raleigh Jaycees Turkey Shoot. As soon as the range is clear, we will give you one shotgun shell for each target that you purchased. If you bought more than one target, you will get more than one shell. You must shoot each shell from a different gun at a different target. After you have shot, please clear the shell from the shotgun and step back against the wall, holding your shell so that we may collect it. After we have all of the shells (so that we know it is safe to go down-range), we will pull the targets.

The winner will be the person with the single closest pellet to the center. Is there anyone here that has never shot a shotgun before, or would like some assistance? Are there any questions? Thanks for coming, and good luck!

Historical Info

Started in 1952, we've been running the Turkey Shoot for over 50 years. In recent years, we've awarded an average of 1300 8-10lb turkeys to the winners.... that's almost 80,000 turkeys over the lifetime of the project.

Fun trivia fact: We've now had 3 generations of Hoover's chair this project. Most recently Paul Hoover (2003).

Why we run it, Who it benefits

The Turkey Shoot is one of the primary fundraisers for the Raleigh Jaycees. The proceeds are used to fund our many Community Service projects, as well as pay for the operating expenses of the Chapter (office space, phones, etc).

Our Sponsors

We're very fortunate to have many generous sponsors that help us by donating supplies (turkeys, shells, guns) at reduced, or no cost. We'd like to thank:

We encourage everyone to support these vendors as a way of thanking them for their generosity.

How we pick the winner

As stated in the safety speech, it's the person with the single pellet closest to the middle wins the turkey (or T-Shirt if they prefer). For this reason, there is a little bit of luck involved (density, spray patterns, etc) but the better shot you are, the better your luck (as you will be more likely to go through the center).

Here's an example of winning target:


This was a winning target as no others got closer to the center!