June 25, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Zoom link to follow
Shelby Palmer

Being a Jaycee means finding the light in the dark, and these have been some very dark days.  Although we’ve got a few more dark days left, we can still take the time to find the positive in what we’ve been through.  Through the combined interest of the Cary and Raleigh Jaycees, on Thursday June 26th at 7:00 pm we’ll be celebrating making it through the quarantine with a Zoom enabled Jaycee Quarantine Pageant.  Just like most beauty pageants, there will be a casual wear portion, a talent portion and a “evening attire” a.k.a teleconference call work wear.  We need participants, judges and viewers in that order.  If you want to be a participant send me (Shelby Palmer) an e-mail to psypalmer999@gmail.com.

Below is a description of the different events.

Dressed in quarantine casual participating Jaycees, Former Jaycees and Jaycee Affiliates will show off their oh so fashionable ensemble of shirts with faded logos of obscure rock bands, pajamas ripped in the most embarrassing places, sweat pants that rarely see any sweat and/or the favorite pair of jeans, last washed the day before the quarantine.

Next, participants will display either a skill they’ve picked up in quarantine or a hobby that’s kept them sane.  Are you a speed puzzler, capable of putting together a 500 piece puzzle in 5 minutes?  Can you fold a paper crane like a boss?  Have you spent your days teaching your dog to do the hustle?  Anything goes in the talent portion take a look at the unusual talents of former Miss. America contestants if you need ideas or are desperate for something to do for 10 minutes other than watching Netflix or making another bad Tiger King meme.  https://www.thehairpin.com/2012/06/unusual-miss-america-talents/

Of course we can’t forget that very special outfit we put on for those painful teleconferencing calls. If you became the master of being all business on top but all party on the bottom, then this is your time to dominate the competition.  Nudity is not encouraged.

Participants will be competing for the title of Jaycee Quarantine of 2020 and an Amazon gift card.  More details will be sent to contestants next week with instructions that may or may not contain information about setting up Zoom backgrounds.  As a side note, if you know anything about creating and setting up unique Zoom backgrounds please share your talents!

Stay safe and well!