About Us

Welcome to the Raleigh Jaycees

The Raleigh Jaycees are young professionals, ages 18-40, with an interest in leadership development through community service.

From coordinating events and community activities to providing volunteer and financial support to local charities, the Raleigh Jaycees offer our members invaluable opportunities to develop leadership skills while networking with other young professionals. The Raleigh Jaycees make an impact in our community and in our members’ lives in many ways, and have done so for over 75 years.

Chartered in 1932, we are an all-volunteer civic organization that runs over 100 community service and leadership development projects each year. Annually we donate over $65,000 and countless volunteer hours to area organizations through our various projects. As an affiliate of the NC Jaycees, the US Jaycees, and Junior Chamber International, the opportunities provided by the Raleigh Jaycees truly are endless. There is no other young professionals’ organization like the Raleigh Jaycees!

The Raleigh Jaycees board of directors is always looking for new members! As a leader on our board you can help make decisions for the future of our organization, learn financial management, team development and strategic planning. Every member with six months or more in the chapter is eligible to serve, come to our meetings to learn more! Below you’ll find an overview of the advantages of joining the Raleigh Jaycees as well as our signature projects with which we are involved. The Raleigh Jaycees have been a mainstay in the Triangle community, developing leaders through community service for more than 75 years.

The chapter is now a thriving membership of young men and women between the ages of 18 to 40 from various personal and professional backgrounds.

To learn more, visit our General Membership Meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, where we invite you to come ask questions and learn more. See our events page for further details.

Why choose the Raleigh Jaycees?

Gain Experience We provide an opportunity to develop professional and personal skills.

Get Involved Make an impact in your community through service.

Meet New People Make friends for life.

Be a Leader Join our board or run a project to expand your leadership skillset.

The Bigger Picture As a member of the Raleigh Jaycees, you are also a member of the North Carolina Jaycees, US Jaycees and Jaycee International (JCI).

Our Signature Projects

Goodfellows – website

 Turkey Shoot – History | WRAL News Article

Chapel Hill Holiday Parade – website


Areas of Opportunity

The Raleigh Jaycees focus on four areas of opportunity. We hope you will find something to enjoy in each area. A brief description of each area is listed below.


The Junior Chamber was established in 1920 to give young people an active voice in the business community. The Raleigh Jaycees continue that tradition today by giving members the opportunity to contribute to the development of the economic infrastructure and prosperity of the Raleigh area. Our Business projects have a total economic impact in the millions of dollars for the greater Raleigh area, and help members build career skills such as as financial management, business affairs and networking, time management, business planning, marketing, and public relations.


The Raleigh Jaycees believe in giving back to the community. You will find that projects in this area are aimed at volunteering time or raising money to make a positive difference in our community. Whether we’re working on our own, partnering with other organizations, or getting involved with the governance of our community, the Raleigh Jaycees bring our skills and talents to assist needy children, help tomorrow’s leaders understand the rewards of serving the community, comfort the sick and the elderly, and much much more!


Our organization believes in building leadership skills that provide members with activities and opportunities that can develop their personal and professional potential. You will find that projects in this area are aimed stimulating personal, professional, spiritual, and family development. Other projects focus on just having fun, including trips and socials.


Embodying the line of the Jaycee Creed that states, “The brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations,” this area provides an opportunity for individual members to contribute to the development of goodwill, understanding, and cooperation among all peoples. Projects in this area enhance a member’s knowledge of different cultures and countries around the world, and get involved with Jaycee projects on the state, national, and international level.